Why Care Experience - What’s in it for me?


  • Healthcare is complex, the solutions you use to improve your workflow should not be. Therefore, we have created a simple-to-use, self-service platform that allows organizations to create, edit and publish out-of-the-box templates or customized surveys within minutes. In addition, we have provided a means for clinical staff to easily collect feedback on any device at any time.

Multiple Listening Posts Across The Care Continuum

  • Whether you are rounding on a patient at the bedside during their inpatient stay, collecting feedback on a kiosk at the point-of-care within a clinic or capturing patient reported data post visit via mobile surveys, we’ve got you covered. We understand the importance of having a 360-degree view of that patient and that requires having the ability to communicate and collect feedback in all points of care.

Real-Time Data

  • Gathering feedback has been an important part of many healthcare organizations strategy to not only improve patient care but also patient clinical outcomes. Many feedback tools provide longitudinal data which provides the ability to look at the operational efficiencies and make improvements over time. We believe that to move the needle you must have the ability to listen, analyze and act in real-time. Our solution allows you to be made aware of issues real-time, act and close-the-loop, immediately making an impact on a patient’s overall experience and outcomes.

Quick and Easy Implementation

  • Healthcare software solutions shouldn’t take months to get up and running which is why (based on your implementation requirements) we have built ours to be implemented within days of contract signing.

Incorporated AI (Artificial Intelligence)

  • The Care Experience platform, IntegratedRNTM  and CRMDTM  , are integrated with IBM Watson to allow for better insights into patient feedback through powerful text analytics.
Platform – How does it work?

Operating Systems and Devices

Can we use our own devices, or do we have to purchase from you?

  • The Care Experience platform can be run on any web-enabled device and was built with responsive design. Many of our customers choose to use their own devices, however, you may purchase them through us as an option.

Is the data tracked by device or user or both?

  • Both. We understand the need to collect and track feedback based on user and location which is why we have built out our user and organizational hierarchy to support tracking and reporting for both.

What kind of support do you offer for issues with the operating system and device?

  • Care Experience has a dedicated customer support team and can be reached through our 24/7 support ticketing system and will provide prompt follow-up for any issue reported.

Types of Rounds and Surveys We Offer


  • Care Experience provides turn-key templates that can be used for quick and easy implementation. Some of the templates include but are not limited to;
    • Staff Leader Rounds
    • Patient Experience
    • Discharge/Care Transitions
    • Infection Control Audits
    • Assessment of SDOH (social determinants of health)
    • PROMs (patient reported outcome measures)
    • And Many More!


  • Each organization has their unique needs which is why we have created a simple-to-use builder that allows users to create and publish customized feedback forms within a matter of minutes following these simple steps:
    • Select type of survey (Round, Kiosk, Direct-to-Mobile)
    • Select language(s)
    • Create survey
      • Title
      • Question/Answers
      • Branching
      • Alerts
      • Branding
    • Publish  


  • With our self-service platform, our customers can;
    • Create, build and publish rounds/surveys
    • Create and manage organizational hierarchy
    • Create and manage users
    • Change and deploy updated versions to users

Package types

  • All packages include the following;
    • Unlimited number of users
    • Unlimited number of responses
    • Unlimited number of changes to question sets
    • We also offer a package with an unlimited number of rounds/surveys
Security – How are we protected?

Care Experience works with HITRUST, a third-party vendor specialized in HIPAA compliance, to perform audits and ensures that it meets the HIPAA requirements.

PHI Encryption

  • Care Experience ensures encryption of all PHI info in all active sessions during transit and while in rest in the Microsoft Cloud.

User Roles and Privileges

  • Our solution allows our customers to manage their users based on roles and privileges so that all users assigned a log-in have access to only the functions and data required to perform their duties.
Why is Care Experience a better a option?
  • Our self-service platform is flexible and puts our customers in control.
  • We are a With Watson approved app which mean our analytics are AI-enhanced and allow much deeper insights into unstructured data such as patient comments, provider notes, etc
  • Patient care is not an episodic event, patient care is on-going. Our care bios and journey maps allow you to engage and manage your patients in all points of care. 
Pricing & Demo


We have built a scalable and easy-to-implement solution which allows us to provide very affordable pricing to our customers. Pricing is based on number of locations and number of surveys (limited vs unlimited option).

  • Included in ALL pricing tiers;
    • Unlimited users
    • Unlimited responses
    • Unlimited edits to surveys

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