Realizing Patient Experience ROI – Part 1

March 21, 2018By Gautam MahtaniMedical Economics

The patient experience matters. Traditionally, organizations look to HCAHPS and other commonly accepted metrics to manage their patient experience initiatives. The evidence suggests that organizations that focus on those measures alone may not be asking the right questions to get a true barometer of what matters most to the patient. Let’s look at a recent … Read More

Welcome To The Jungle: Amazon Enters Healthcare

March 6, 2018By Kristin BertrandConsumerism in Healthcare

Previously, we explored why healthcare leaders should take note of digital trends. In that article, we discussed Amazon’s 1492 secretive healthcare initiative. What is the 1492 initiative? According to TechNewsWorld, the 1492 team reportedly has been working on ways to streamline medical records management in order to make the information available to consumers and doctors more … Read More

The Human Element: Augmented Intelligence VS Artificial Intelligence

February 28, 2018By Gautam MahtaniArtificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning

Many of the movies we watched in the 80’s and 90’s painted this post-apocalyptic picture of the machines rising up and taking over for their human counterparts. Did you know that long before Arnold became the Terminator that artificial intelligence (AI) was being theorized as a way to use data to create efficiencies. In 1950, … Read More

Incorporating Social Determinants of Health into Care

February 22, 2018By Gautam MahtaniMobile Patient Engagement and Digital Health 1 Comment

As we move towards value-based care and risk-based healthcare delivery and payment models, it becomes critical to understand how the social determinants of health (SDOH) play an essential role in population health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), SDOH are defined as the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age. … Read More