Care Experience

Exists because clinical communication is broken, the voice of the patient is not incorporated into care, and patients are being lost in a fractured system


The way we communicate is changing. Is your organization equipped with proactive listening posts to capture patient feedback at the point of care or where they are in their journey.


A breakthrough in technology allows for the actionable insights through qualitative data, meaning patient comments can be analyzed for sentiment. This allows your organization to uncover patient trends, manage social reputation and implement clinical action plans to protect revenue-at-risk in ways that were not possible before.

We equip teams with best practice clinical workflows, aggregated subjective and clinical data and an accountable, closed-loop service recovery tracking to ensure that no patient falls through the cracks.
Multi-Modal Data Collection
By providing multiple opportunities whether it be kiosk, email/text or social, we have seen response rates increase as much as 60% of patient visits. Once patients start to understand that you’ve made the process quick and easy for them, most will welcome the opportunity to share their experience with you.
Cognitive Computing
Cognitive computing can classify natural language into positive, negative or neutral sentiment allowing healthcare facilities to identify trends in comments the way that we used to solely rely on 5 scale feedback questions. Analyzing the sentiment of comments can also help with proactive service recovery.
Patient Journey Mapping
Most of the organizations that we work with have different patient identification numbers across various facilities and across the care continuum. They are not even tracking patients, they are losing them. With our open platform, we believe patient journey mapping can solve that.

The voice of the patient is what matters to us.

Pressures on Patient Experience

The Next Decade of Innovation in the Patient Experience

The pressure on providing an excellent patient experience is not going anywhere. At Care Experience we've discovered five trends your organization must consider to be better positioned to thrive in the next decade of the patient experience.

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