Implementing Patient-Reported Outcome Measures

January 5, 2018By Matthew CavalloMobile Patient Engagement and Digital Health No Comments

Did you know that despite the shift to value-based reimbursements and patient-centered care that fewer than 20% of hospitals use Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)? PROs are already a key component in the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) in outpatient, but there has been greater resistance to implementing PROs in the inpatient space. A Health Catalyst … Read More

Why Healthcare Leaders Should Take Note of Digital Trends

December 20, 2017By Matthew CavalloConsumerism in Healthcare, Mobile Patient Engagement and Digital Health 1 Comment

It wasn’t too long ago that shopping online was taboo. Consumers had concerns of security and privacy issues with online purchasing. Then, Amazon revolutionized the online marketplace and changed the way we shop forever. Today, consumers add their credit card information online without a second thought and the expectation is that they can purchase goods … Read More

3 Reasons Patient Journey Mapping Increases Efficiencies and Outcomes for Providers

August 15, 2017By Matthew CavalloPatient Journey Mapping and Cross Continuum Patient Engagement No Comments

In part-one of this two-part blog series we talked about the value of patient journey mapping from the patient’s perspective. This week we will cover how journey mapping can increase efficiencies and outcomes for providers within an organization. One of the biggest issues we found care providers to have, especially in primary care, is the … Read More

4 Reasons Your Patients will Benefit from Journey Maps

August 8, 2017By Matthew CavalloPatient Journey Mapping and Cross Continuum Patient Engagement No Comments

Most of the organizations that we work with have different patient IDs from inpatient to outpatient to varying medical groups. They are losing track of their patients by not knowing if they are making it to their follow up appointments and adhering to their care plan. We believe that patient journey mapping across the care … Read More

Understanding What Drives Patient Experience Economics

August 3, 2017By Matthew CavalloRegulatory Reform No Comments

The reason that organizations with high patient loyalty outgrow their competitors is because loyalty is a learned behavior and not just a mindset. In working with our clients, we have found that successful organizations share four common loyalty behaviors. There are four loyalty behaviors that drive growth for healthcare organizations: Four Loyalty Behaviors that Drive … Read More