Early Returns on Value-Based and Alternative Payment Models

November 15, 2017By Gautam MahtaniRegulatory Reform

The number one concern we hear from the physician practices we work with every day is the shift from fee-for-service to value-based alternative payment models. Change is always difficult, especially when reimbursement is affected. In this article, we review discussion from a Health Affairs panel about the need for reviewing current value-based efforts, share value-based … Read More

HIPAA and the Future of Mobile Messaging

October 4, 2017By Matthew CavalloRegulatory Reform

Did you know that only around 4% of doctors in the US actually communicate with patients via text messaging or chat? That number is substantially higher in other countries with Brazil leading the way at 87%. Texting with patients can be beneficial to both the provider and the patient, but has been a barrier up … Read More

Understanding What Drives Patient Experience Economics

August 3, 2017By Matthew CavalloRegulatory Reform

The reason that organizations with high patient loyalty outgrow their competitors is because loyalty is a learned behavior and not just a mindset. In working with our clients, we have found that successful organizations share four common loyalty behaviors. There are four loyalty behaviors that drive growth for healthcare organizations: Four Loyalty Behaviors that Drive … Read More

Clearing a Path to Accreditation – How Care Experience is Helping Health Organizations Achieve Accreditation Standards

November 14, 2016By Matthew CavalloRegulatory Reform

It’s funny. Sometimes when you are creating a solution to one problem, you realize that an unintended benefit of that solution solves other problems. At Care Experience, we create solutions that utilize the voice of the patient to create actionable insights and to address operational challenges. What we learned is that in solving these operational … Read More