Artificial Intelligence for a More Human Experience

August 30, 2017By Gautam MahtaniArtificial Intelligence, Cognitive Computing and Machine Learning

Since the inception of computers, we have been programmed that interacting with technology involved pressing buttons. In order for me to communicate with you via any kind of electronic communication media required typing on either alphabetical or numerical keys to relay that message. Then came the internet and we were programmed how to search. We … Read More

3 Reasons Patient Journey Mapping Increases Efficiencies and Outcomes for Providers

August 15, 2017By Matthew CavalloPatient Journey Mapping and Cross Continuum Patient Engagement

In part-one of this two-part blog series we talked about the value of patient journey mapping from the patient’s perspective. This week we will cover how journey mapping can increase efficiencies and outcomes for providers within an organization. One of the biggest issues we found care providers to have, especially in primary care, is the … Read More